Irish Weather: Hail Storm Obscures Blue Skies of County Clare

Hail Storm Obscures Ireland's Blue Sky

Hail Storm Obscures Ireland’s Blue Sky

This image is a perfect example of how fast Irish weather can change! In a matter of minutes, this late winter hail storm swept in this March morning to obscure the blue skies over County Clare and the Shannon River Estuary.

Late winter/early Spring weather in Ireland is mercurial at best, with patches of sun, rain, wind, and even snow, in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s National Holiday.

In the meantime, daffodils are beginning to bloom, and spring leaves will begin to fill the barren branches of hibernating trees.

While average temperatures from February to April tend to stay in the 46 to 54-degree (Fahrenheit) range, lows can dip down to as low as 19 degrees (Fahrenheit).

The bottom line is, while Spring is a great time to visit Ireland, be prepared for wildly changing weather!

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