Hail Storm at Sunrise over County Clare

Hail Storm At Sunrise over County Clare, Ireland

Hail Storm At Sunrise over County Clare, Ireland.

This morning’s brilliant winter sunrise over County Clare was punctuated by a brief shower of hail as temperatures hovered just above freezing in Western Ireland.

That’s the Fergus River reflecting the brightening sky, and lights from Shannon International Airport (SNN) shimmering dimly in the background.

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Hail forms when raindrops rapidly rise up into the atmosphere during a thunderstorm, where the droplets are supercooled by freezing temperatures then fall to the ground as ice.

Puddles from previous melted snow were frozen over this morning, showcasing nature’s geometric artistry.

More cold weather is predicted over the next week, with temperatures remaining around freezing or just below, and more showers and wind are expected midweek.

Time to stock up on more turf for the fireplace!

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