Orange Sky over Ireland’s River Fergus in County Clare

Orange Sky over Ireland's River Fergus

Orange Sky over Ireland’s River Fergus in County Clare.

A brilliant orange sky reflects on Ireland’s River Fergus in County Clare in this spectacular winter sunrise, captured from the hills above Lissycasey. In this photo, the River Fergus is in the foreground just before it meets the Shannon Estuary, just behind the peninsula of the Shannon Airport.

The River Fergus originates in the Burren Region of County Clare and flows through about seven lakes as well as the towns of Corofin, Ennis, Clarecastle and Newmarket-on-Fergus before emptying into the Shannon Estuary near Shannon Airport.

The Shannon River, Ireland’s longest and largest river, has a rich history — it has been used by Viking conquerors, missionaries and traders for thousands of years. Its primary navigators these days are pleasure boaters, enjoying the waterway’s beautiful scenery and diverse eco-systems.

The river stretches some 360.5 kilometres (224 miles), dividing the west of Ireland from the east and south with less than 30 bridges in total, with many small rivers adding to its flow.

Named after the Celtic Goddess “Sionna,” the river was first mapped by the Graeco-Egyptian geographer Ptolemy, who lived from the year 90 to 168. He certainly was a long way from his home in Alexandria, Egypt!

The River actually ends in Limerick, where it becomes the Shannon Estuary, mixing with seawater for the 113 kilometer (70 mile) journey to the Atlantic Ocean.

Medieval Friary Towers over Ennis in County Clare
Dawn over Ireland's Shannon Airport

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