James A. Truett - Irish Artist

James A. Truett, Irish Artist/Photographer

James A. Truett is an Irish Artist, Photographer and author of the bestselling seven-volume Mystical Moods of Ireland series of photo essays. As a former Associated Press journalist, his work has been published internationally, and his photography and artworks are in the collections of multiple prominent U.S., Canadian and international collectors.

His artworks have been exhibited internationally in Bali (Indonesia), Beijing (China), Islamabad (Pakistan), New York and Las Vegas.

During his 50+ year career, he has survived a shooting (his camera took the bullet!), a raging forest wildfire, and Los Angeles traffic in his journeys as a sailor, private pilot and adventurer, travelling extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Ireland and Scotland.

James A. Truett Buster Isla Partida

James A. Truett with sidekick, Buster the Akita, at Isla Partida in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

A second-generation Irish immigrant born in Alaska, he retraced the path of his grandmother and settled near the family farm in County Clare in 2007, immersing himself in the inspiring and soul-stirring natural beauty of Ireland.

When not exploring the Irish countryside, he enjoys cooking and introducing his Irish family to international cuisine during family lunches. All have survived so far.

He battles his addiction to news by sharing his inspirational images and Irish blessings on his popular Facebook and Instagram pages.

Keep up with his adventures through his newsletter here.

James A. Truett Galway Oyster Festival

James A. Truett at the 2017 Galway Oyster Festival. (Photo by Tommy Brown)

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